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PS5 DualSense Controller and Other Accessories on La3eb La3eb game store offers a range of PS5 accessories including but not limited to the well-known DualSense controllers. DualSense controller gains popularity among gamer communities thanks to its haptic feedback feature and sturdy but comfortable design. PS5 DualSense controllers are available for sale on with competitive prices alongside many popular payment options including MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Mada, and Maroof. DualSense 5 also has a built-in microphone, which is a nice addition to its predecessor PS4 DualShock controller. DualSense PS5 controller has an eye-catching design and textured handles that make it the most comfortable controller produced by Sony so far. The only downside of DualSense is the PlayStation 5 controller batteries that only enable 9 to 10 hours of gameplay before you need to charge it again. PlayStation 5 controller orange light will be visible when you charge it in rest mode. DualSense compensates for the relatively short duration of battery with a great leap from PS4 controllers. Its innovative design is definitely a reason for the choice for any gaming enthusiast in Saudi Arabia as well as other countries of the world. PlayStation 5 vs ps4 controller PlayStation 5 controller has arrived to replace the PS4’s DualShock controllers and the first difference between the two is the two-colored design of the DualSense. New PlayStation 5 controller also has a more ergonomic design, and it is rounded in shape which is similar to Xbox One’s controllers in appearance. PlayStation 5’s controller light bar has been moved to both sides of the Touchpad while it has been placed on the top of the controller before. Sony PlayStation 5 controller features haptic feedback technology that allows its users to get immersed in specific actions throughout the game such as driving on asphalt road vs mud. PlayStation 5 controller concept is without a doubt quite pleasing to the eye as well as to your pocket thanks to the competitive prices offered on La3eb also provides accessory and games pack for its customers, so they can try out their new console and controller without waiting any longer. It is also possible to use a PlayStation 5 controller on a PC via cable or Bluetooth connection. Steam also offers full support for the DualSense controller, allowing its users to configure their controller directly in the app. PS5 Pulse 3D Headset In addition to the game-changing technology of DualSense, La3eb also offers Pulse 3D headset to complete your PlayStation 5 set. This wireless headset technology has noise-canceling microphones to enhance your gaming experience with the latest advancements in this regard. Pulse 3D is specifically designed for PS5 in order for you to get immersed in your favorites games without being distracted by the surrounding sounds. If you want to get Pulse 3D wireless headset from a trusted reseller in an online environment, La3eb is the right address to go to. If you have already ordered PS5 digital version from, there is another surprise waiting for you on our website. We offer a bundle consisting of PS5 Pulse 3D Headset and PSN 365 days subscription exclusive for those who have purchased the digital version of the new PlayStation 5 Lastly, the media remote controller will be the final touch of your PS5 gaming experience, providing easy access or control on your console.