Why Are Gaming Chairs So Popular?


Between the years 2001 to 2006 gaming chairs started to become more and more popular. It all began in a company specializing in the production of chairs for luxury and sports cars. They’ve started to produce chairs with back support to help reduce any back pain that regular chairs may cause, especially for those who sit too long.

From here the gaming chairs started to evolve more by having the ability to adjust the chair’s backrest, headrest, and handrails however you like. That’s what draws people to gaming chairs, especially because the time we spend on our PCs and laptops has increased these years. 

What Makes Gaming Chairs More Popular Than Office Chairs?

People believe that office chairs are used for the workplace and gaming chairs are only used by gamers. That’s not true at all, lately most people started to use gaming chairs and benefit from their features.

Some of these features are:


  • High-quality chair padding and seat space allow you to sit comfortably for long periods of time.
  • Adjustable back support, headrest, and handrails to help you sit properly for long hours. Also help you to reduce pressure on your eyes, by adjusting the angle of the chair’s back and the seat height to have a healthy distance between the screen and the chair.
  • The base of the chair is metal which can carry heavy weight without breaking. That’s what makes gaming chairs suitable for those who’re overweight. However, each chair has its own weight limit that may be determined by the chair's company.


gaming chair


Gaming chairs are the best choice whether for gamers or not. By having all these features it outdid the office chairs. The only advantage that distinguishes office chairs from gaming chairs is the prices. Office chairs are cheaper than gaming chairs, but this is at the expense of the chair’s quality and features.


Why are gaming chairs so popular among gamers?

There are several marketing methods that have been followed by manufacturers of gaming chairs in order to get the attention of gamers. The popular method is using gaming YouTubers to promote the chair because whoever watches their content would be invested in anything related to games. That is why advertising through local or global YouTubers is the easiest and most effective way to reach gamers.


Deals on gaming chairs


Bestseller & Recommended Gaming Chair At La3eb 

 People have different preferences in their chairs regarding the color and the brand they like to have. La3eb has offered the most well-known chairs at the store and applications. here are the three bestseller chairs:


  • RAZER ISKUR X Gaming Chair XL: This chair has many comfortable features to help you sit as long as you need, such as padding under many layers of faux leather rotatable handrails and a large and comfortable backrest. It also carries weights up to 180 kg because of its strong base. The chair also has a two-year warranty, which is why it’s one of the best-selling chairs at La3eb.


  • Andaseat Kaiser 3 Series Premium Gaming Chair XL: This chair is available in many colors that you might love at the La3eb store, along with a six-year warranty. You will have a design that reaches the highest standards at a low price. It has a built-in 4-way cotton support for back comfort and a seat base with a thick filling, headrests, and hands with multiple advantages. All are covered by Duraxtra leather, which is durable and has a pleasant texture.


  • Cougar Armor S Gaming Chair XL: This chair does not carry much weight as the two above, it carries 120kg at the most. Unlike the two other models of Cougar’s chairs that can carry up to 160 kg. The chair design is distinctive with its ability to adjust the back and hand rests as much as you like.


These chairs are only a glimpse of what La3eb has to offer. All you have to do is look in our store for the finest pricing and colors for your ideal chair.