How To Get The Best Headset



Did you know that the first headphone was used to help soldiers communicate with one another in war? Now every single one of us owns at least a pair of headphones. That is why we’ve gathered all the information that you need regarding the price and the design of the headphones to help you pick the suitable one.


Headphone Shapes

It’s important to keep in mind that there are several differences regarding the shapes and sizes of each headphone. People might have their own preferences on what’s more comfortable for their ears and what design they like to have. By having too many different choices people can’t decide what to buy, so we’ve gathered the most popular ones:


1- Over-ear Headphones: one of the most comfortable headphones for many people. It goes around the ears which helps the sounds to be clearer than in-ear headphones. Over-ear headphones have a surround sound system speaker that gives you sound isolation features. If the headphones didn’t cover the whole ears you might not have a strong sound isolation which affects the purity of the sound. Therefore, it will be hard to use in public.


2- Earbuds: These are the most known headphones in the market lately. Though it might be the worst headphone in sound isolation and the accuracy of the sounds. Not all people will be able to notice the differences especially if the earbuds were brand-new.


3- In-ear Headphones: Before earbuds took over the market, these were the popular headphones most people have. It’s smaller than the earbuds and has a simple design. That is what made people love it, along with good sound quality and noise cancellation.


Gaming Headsets


Audio Features in Headphones

There are several sound features that gamers focus on. Such is the base which describes to you the low frequencies that give you a sense of low tones to make you hear every little thing while moving around in the game. There is also the high feature, it’s the opposite of the base meaning it describes loud frequencies such as the sounds of explosions and firing weapons in the games. Lastly, the turbo will help improve the sound quality and make the sound more realistic. Of course, the ratio of the turbo, the base, and the high varies from one headset to another. Some headphones give you the option to control the features, but other low-priced headphones can not be changed and are not as professional as expensive ones.


Noise Control in Headphones 

The noise control technology differs from one headphone to another. This technology helps to isolate the surrounding sounds at different levels depending on the type of headphones. The most important noise control features are:

Noise Cancellation: This noise control feature uses advanced technology to produce special sound waves to eliminate any external noise, which makes the sound experience much better.

Negative Noise Isolation: This feature blocks noise by preventing it from entering the ear at all, meaning that there are no sound waves that cancel out external noise, but there are extra components and fillings to reduce the impact of external noise.

Noise reduction: This noise reduction feature doesn't eliminate all noise. It only reduces the volume of noise partially, often through a pad or rubber in the headphones.


Wired & Wireless Headphones:

There are several types of headphones that we would like to remind you of:

Wired Headphones (non-waterproof): Headphones that connect to a wire are often called "wired headphones" and since they are connected to a wire, they will certainly not be resistant to water.

Wireless Headphones(water resistant): "Wireless"  means that the headphones connect to the device through Bluetooth or USB. As for "water resistant", it means that it is partially waterproof. It tolerates a certain amount of water without being damaged.

Wireless Headphones(waterproof): These headphones have total resistance to water, which is why they are called"waterproof".  You can sink them in water and they will come out completely fine.


Gaming Headsets: 

Gaming headsets are designed especially for gamers. They often prefer their headset to be completely soundproofed and with a mic to communicate with other gamers. However, gaming headsets are built differently in terms of sound quality, noise control, and cancellation. All of these features help to improve the gaming experience depending on the headset quality.


In the end, we can say that through this article you learned everything you need to know about headphones and what gamers look for before they buy their headset, all you have to do now is click here to choose your headset.