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If you are wondering “How much is the Xbox X?”, the La3eb game store can provide you with a reasonable answer for this console and Xbox game controller as well. A rechargeable Xbox controller can be easily bought at as a complementary accessory to Xbox S. Also, many Xbox console games are ready for sale with MasterCard, Maroof, PayPal, Visa, and Mada. Offering a reasonable Xbox Price in KSA, La3eb brings the gaming enthusiasts together with the latest Xbox series in its trusted platform. Although Xbox headset is not yet available here, La3eb is the right address to buy Microsoft Xbox models alongside a variety of games. Customers can choose between three different colors when it comes to Xbox One controller models. If you wish to get more detailed information on Xbox price, visit La3eb today to check out the latest consoles and games. Xbox Series X Price and More Xbox has released its latest console series: Xbox Series X. As for Xbox Series x specs, this console delivers extremely higher performance in comparison with its predecessors. This is due to a number of new improvements that have taken place in the new console series of Xbox. New Xbox allows you to enjoy your favorite games in 4K quality thanks to its powerful processors. Xbox Series X 1TB is now available for sale at for those who are looking to make a purchase from a trusted game platform. With 16GB of GDDR6 memory, Xbox Series X will never let you down when you try a new game or want to play the latest titles such as NBA 2K20 which you can also buy through La3eb. Suppose that you already got an Xbox one or another console and want to get a controller. Then you can also visit La3eb to get the latest Xbox controller at affordable prices. Difference Between Xbox One S and Xbox One X Microsoft presented Xbox One X as their most high-performance console so far, but it is also the most expensive console they released so far. Therefore, it would be a good idea to compare these two models to see if it is really worth to buy the newest console. All in all, Xbox One X seems to be for those who are looking to get the best performance in the next few years while Xbox One S is perfectly suitable for casual gamers. On the other hand, Xbox One X price can be a downside for casual gamers who do not want to pay a lot for a console. Xbox Series S, however, generally compatible with a high number of games now and can deliver optimal performance without a problem. Lastly, we need to mention Xbox Elite Controller 2 is a perfect addition to your gaming set, regardless of the console model you have chosen. It can be used as your Xbox One’s controller that perfectly meets all the demands of gamers worldwide.